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Passions & Personal Life


By growing up with two golden retrievers, JJ quickly developed a love for animals and is happiest when surrounded by her furry friends. 


JJ's care for animals extends beyond her family dogs and has even led her to support and foster an elephant in Kenya. 


JJ has visited over 25 countries, for both snowboarding and personal travels. She enjoys experiencing different cultures and exploring beautiful landscapes. Some of her favourite trips have included, Safari in South Africa, surfing in Chile and bunjee jumping in New Zealand.

JJ feels fortunate that snowboarding has brought her around the world and enabled her to further exercise her passion for traveling! 


Through her experiences travelling the world, JJ has developed a passion for photography. With her camera never far away, JJ is always ready to capture amazing landscapes around the world. 

JJ enjoys sharing her photography with friends and family and has created a travel Instagram featuring her fantastic photography.


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JJ grew up playing a variety of competitive sports including hockey, field hockey, and golf. When she decided to focus her time on competitive snowboarding her passion for fitness evolved.


JJ understands the importance of fitness and nutrition in order to excel in her sport. Since a young age, JJ has prepared herself for success on the snow by training with the BioSteel team in Toronto. 

When JJ is not grinding in the gym she still enjoys playing sports recreationally.